Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Starting out

After finally resigning ourselves that we would probably not find the right piece of land at an affordable price in our current school district to build an energy efficient "green" home-we did!

We had called Nancy to help us design a remodel our 1970's colonial kitchen and dining room (which we have as our kids playroom) into a more usable space with a wood stove and sun space. Well, on the way back from the appliance store where we were researching energy star stuff for our kitchen. We drove by this 5 acres for sale and we loved it! Close to town, sloping, and great southern exposure and the right price. On July 3rd we closed on it.

Now comes the work. We want to do this right so for the first month I read and thumbed through many books on green building. I have to say that the best book, buy far was Green Building and Remodeling for Dummies. I also talked to local experts and looked on line for local architects.

We have a general idea,of what we want, but I am going to go back to work since my youngest is going into 1st grade and the extra money will be nice in building. I have a couple of prospective employers.


  1. Hello,
    I am very happy that you are going to be able to build your house! Very cool. I will be following your progress. Good to hear from you, love you.Lillian

  2. Your property looks perfect for passive solar look forward to seeing it.