Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pole Barn/Shed outbuilding construction

We began with the construction of our pole barn/shed outbuilding. On Oct. 4, after After ordering construction materials from Chelsea Lumber, Max and Pete began staking out the footprint of the barn.

During the first week of October, Steve Dewolf (Excavation, Inc., Dexter, MI) began moving the topsoil so that Max and Pete could begin auguring the post holes for the 6X6 poles.

After much struggling with one 24-foot 6X6, Rob Riemenschneider arrived unannounced and came through with a Riemco Sky Trak that made the entire barn construction go much more smoothly. It was a great surprise. Thanks so much Rob and Riemco, Inc!!!!

The following pictures show the progress Max and I have made on the pole barn from Oct. 4 to Nov. 23 working partial days pretty much 7 days a week.

The 26 X 26 metal roof faces 5 degrees East of South. It is designed for collecting rainwater ( to be stored in a 300 gallon tank in the shed for gravity feed watering of the garden) and possibly solar panels in the future (depending on improvements in technology and when we can afford them).

At the time of this posting all of the exterior has been finished except the trim boards around the windows and doors, at the corners, and at the junction of the soffits with the walls.

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