Monday, March 30, 2009

Bauer Power site survey

Bob Brown of Bauer Power our property on Thursday, last week. He visually surveyed the site to determine if the site is amenable to wind power and talk about solar. Since we are far inland the wind is not as powerful, however, it could produce around 20-25% of our energy. Solar is a definite. Panels on the side of the home for DHW (domestic how water and heating) and PV on the roof of the home for power.

We talked about first putting up a barn/garden shed with PV near where the home would be so the building would be able to take advantage of them during construction, them moving them to the home.

We are going to be grid-tied. I have read that renewables are more efficient when grid-tied. Losses around 20% occur through battery storage. Not to mention the safety and environmental issues and higher maintenacne that come with batteries.


  1. In Michigan, you can run your meter backwards when your electric production (from the PV system) exceeds your consumption.

  2. Cool!!

    If you have not done so already, you might also want to contact Tony, of Renewable Energy Solutions, over in Chelsea. His web site is:

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