Thursday, March 12, 2009

Site Survey

After finding out that I could buy a nice induction cook top for less than the price of a topo, survey- we decided to do it ourselves. I had surveyed as a summer intern in college and periodically in my early work days, and my dad had all the equipment-so no problem.

Friday March 6th was beautiful-sunny and 60! So we skipped out of work early to survey the area of our property where want are home. It took a lot longer than we anticipated-but it was a family affair. Pete and I measured and set the stakes, the kids painted the stakes, then I surveyed, Pete ran the rod, and the kids painted smiley faces on the barn while we were busy. (They asked if they may paint the barn and we said yes thinking that they would just paint it-they were thinking "decorate":-)

I entered the data in excel and came up with a pretty nice looking 3-D surface plot of the area. Even though it took a while, it feels great to be this involved in the process.

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