Saturday, May 16, 2009

Seeing a local Skystream Turbine in Action

Mary, Whitney, Laura, and I visited the home of J(Jiten) Mehta, an Environmental Engineer, and License Residential Builder, who installed a Skystream wind turbine at his home. He lives about 10 minutes from us, and has had great results. He works for CASE Handyman & Remodeling, and has worked in many arenas both as an engineer and as a builder. He has a wealth of technical expertise and has worked with local governments and the energy companies regarding installation of both wind and solar. We got several new ideas and another wind turbine option, The Windspire that is made by Mariah Power. It was a very interesting visit; about 10 years ago, Jiten worked closely with Mary's current boss as an environmental engineer. His subcontractor work and contacts could be a great addition to our team.

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