Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Further research and more visits to Adam's other "children"/houses

Since our last entry we have talked with John Wakeman of SUR Energy.  He was very helpful in furthering our research regarding renewable energy and we will keep him in mind as we make decisions about our renewable energy options.  We also visited two more of builder Adam's "children" (aka the houses that he is building).  Once again we are impressed and excited  by the quality of his work and with his passion.  We got many great ideas and are even more sure of the basic design of the home that we hope to start building this summer.  We hope that Adam will be able to take a break from his current projects and visit us soon.  We also hope that it works out that building our home can be coordinated with another home that Eric is designing in our region.  We will keep our fingers crossed, and our research of building supplies and materials and renewable energy options will move forward.

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