Friday, September 18, 2009

Sustainable Out-Building for the "Honey Hill Project"

Here is the preliminary design for the "Honey Hill Project's" out-building. This out-building will be Passive Solar designed and have Photovoltaic, Rain Barrels for capturing the roof's rain water for the owners garden. Alot of the materials for this out building will be re-cycled and re-used material found from local sources. This building will serve as a storage building, workshop and electrical source for the builder during the construction of their LEED for Homes certified, Passive Solar, Prairie Style home being built on the same site. We (Image Design, LLC) are currently working on the design of this home. The home will be a showcase of the last and most innovative green/sustainable technologies in one affordably built home that the area has ever seen.

The national award winning Team Hybrid (Hybrid Homes, LLC & Image Design, LLC) have teamed up with the homeowner of this project to create a affordable LEED certified home that will educate the public about how Green/Sustainable homes can be Affordable, Attractive and Energy Efficient. Please check back often to see the progress of this remarkable home as it is being designed and built. We are all excited to share this journey with you all.
(You can double click on the picture to your right to enlarge it)


  1. What is your budget for this structure? And, when will the prints be finished?

  2. It is great that home builders are now trying to do everything they can to remain green and help the environment. digger derricks

  3. Spring is right around the corner-it's a great time to look into all the latest research and benefits of clean and renewable geothermal energy-it makes a lot of sense tapping into the earth for this super efficient and sustainable answer to our energy problems.