Friday, December 24, 2010

Progress since Thanksgiving

The following pictures show the progress that has been made since Thanksgiving, including:

1. Max and I completed as much of the exterior trim as possible on the pole barn prior to the bitter cold that hit at the beginning of December. The remainder of the trim installation, painting, and stain glass for the door, along with the eaves troughs, water tank for gravity feed watering of the garden, and the work benches will be completed in the Spring.

2. The upper level ICF walls were poured.

3. The interior framing was completed.

4. The roof trusses and decking was installed

5. The geothermal loop was installed.

6. The well was drilled (76 feet into a good bed of gravel, and good clear water).

7. The beginning of installation of windows, electrical, and plumbing.

On Christmas Eve, with the temperatures about 25 degrees farenheit, with about 8 inches of snow on the ground, we were dreaming of the warmth and sun shining in the windows of our new energy efficient home that we will finally experience next Christmas.

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