Saturday, January 1, 2011

360 Degree Panoramas of the construction progress

My nephew Jeffrey Powers (owner of Occipital) visited our Honey-Prairie project during the holidays and we were fortunate to have him demonstrate the "360 Panorama" application (App) that he invented. He sent us the following "360 Panorama" images. It is a very cool application; It is very cool to see the progress of construction as a panorama that you can manipulate. My daughter, Whitney has since purchased the App for her new I-PodTouch and has shown us how easy it is to use, so we can now use it for showing updates as a panorama. It is also easy to purchase at the "App Store" on-line and the following is a link to some info about it:

To manipulate the following images to see the entire panorama, just drag your mouse from one edge of the picture toward the other edge (but let go of the mouse as you spin the picture, so it will keep spinning after you let go of the picture). Continuing to do so will allow you to see all 360 degrees around the space. For whatever reason, if you are clicking and dragging the picture directly on the blog, it works better using Firefox than Safari browser. Also, on each of these, using any browser, you can click "twitpic" at the bottom and then click "View Full Size" on the twitpic page to get the full-size original JPG.

The first two are the upstairs, the third one is the downstairs, and the fourth is outside (looking from the East side of the house).

The following picture is a round stereographic picture from in-between the shed and house (also provided by Jeffrey/Occipital). It is a very unique view.

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  1. Great 360 views! Wish we'd had this technology when we were at the stage you're at now. Ours is an earth-sheltered house, not done, but the drywall is up.

    Great job on the new house!